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Article published 6 juillet, 2017 at 3:39 in category : ALL NEWS, Fashion, NEWS

The Awakening of Nature

« Art is a step from nature towards the Infinite. » Khalil Gibran

Yumi Katsura presents her new collection  » The Awakening of Nature  » inspired by two Japanese artists Kiitsu Suzuki and Sotatsu Tawaraya.

After the remarkable entry into the world of Parisian Couture, Yumi Katsura breathes new life for this Fall-Winter 17/18. This collection is intriguing, arouses curiosity and more than ever anchors itself in the City of Light.

This colorful and vibrant collection celebrates fauna and flora.
All the elements are hand-crafted in the pure Japanese tradition, thus securing the permanence of ancestral mastery.

The all-over prints inspired by Japanese nature, wildlife and flowers are surprising, the collection is rich in movements and expressing nature’s awakening. From day to day, the evening dresses tell a magical story and transform into living pictures.

Her passion for genuineness, authenticity and tradition drives the designer to build a bridge between East and West. She selects pieces from a Parisian wardrobe to highlight them onto a scene from a Japanese realm, or is it the other way round …

Yumi Katsura’s woman is chic and elegant, the icon of a contemporary creation In accordance with the surrounding nature.

This is the journey that Yumi Katsura o ers you in Paris, for this Fall-Winter 2017-18, emphasizing Japanese arts and crafts. Love of tradition and modernism will merge without compromise.




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