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Article published 21 janvier, 2016 at 19:55 in category : ACTU - EVENT, ALL NEWS, Export, Fashion, FAVORITES, NEWS


Walter Van Beirendonck presented his new collection « WOEST » against an intolerant world.




Walter Van Beirendonck is angry this season, it’s symbolized by « WOEST ». His new AW16 collection translates his fury. The name is embroidered like a signature on polyurethane pieces.

« I really wanted a very strong name for the collection which is expressing how I feel today. I’m angry, furious about what’s going wrong in the world. I think in the last year it was going from bad to worse. And you see all the problems with the migrants, the terrorism…it’s almost too difficult to handle, and I think it’s really high time that people who are guiding the world stop all this. »

Walter Van Beirendonck 



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© Kim Weston Arnold


Article by Devi Boscolo-Thiounn


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