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Article published 25 mars, 2015 at 17:25 in category : ALL NEWS, Beauty, BEAUTY SECRETS, Export, LA MAIN NUDE, NEWS, Skin care

“All I want from you is the promise that you’ll be there”
(Soundtrack extract: « Say you’ll be there » by Spice Girls. EP “Spice”)

Such an arrogant. The winter stood us up for Christmas and, now, welds its nose, its snowy face, now, in March? What does it imagine? That I wil adapt and that I will , under the effect of cold, wind, snow , hailstones (yes, I dramatize and I loose my mind .. but it is so good .. ) , under the effect of all this, go nuts and spreads my skin until it look likes a Christmas tinsel , shiny and twinkling . In brief, succumbing to its advances ? No way.
I do not like being stood up. There’s no time but the right time. Get lost, Winter. GLAMGLOW and its « THIRSTYMUD » are there.

Glamglow  carré_

This little blue jar has a lid that looks like Captain America’s shield. This is a super hero jar. With its improbable name, its texture without concessions ( Roar .. ) and its slamming smell . GLAMGLOW has found the magic potion that instantly hydrates.

Once applied , it is “the” date for my lonely skin. It plumps and coos with happiness. And in the morning … A fresh complexion, a rose for ever . Yes, I’m in love, in love and beautiful.

La main nude for OOB


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