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Article published 26 août, 2016 at 19:04 in category : Export

A complete look is also a clear eyebrow, drawn well and adapted to the form of your face.

More and more, beauty brands propose ranges allowing of future of real experts of the art of the eyebrow at home! 

We present you 3 of the best collections!  

Don’t hesitate to click the links to discover the whole collections, their various products as well as some tricks beauty. 

Don’t hesitate anymore, tame your eyebrows and underline your look of character!





Abracadraba, formulated with magic, the Brow Collection by Benefit tames the look. Too fine, scattered eyebrows, in battle you will find the solution to your dilemma among one of the products of brow collection

Only dedicated to the beauty of the eyebrow, this collection leaves nothing at random (care, pencil, brush, tweezers, kits) and allows you to take shape very easily eyebrows in the perfect curves.

Discover all the collection detailed in this article.

Furthermore, videos are in lines to allow you to handle at best products. Go to see, it is very playful! And there is a video for each of your questions!











Givenchy Beauty starts Brow Studio, a new collection of products intended for the beauty of eyebrows.

Adopt the collection Brow Studio and become the brow expert .
4 novelties: Mister Brow Filler, Mister Brow Groom, Eyebrow Pencil and Eyebrow Couture 

Discover more in this article











The art of the eyebrow is a key element of the beauty face. For the last collection which we present to you around the beauty of the eyebrow, The Eyebrow by Angélil Iffennecker offers a complete range:

– An ergonomic brush to reveal the line of the eyebrow,

-11 tints of pencils

-appearance very high precision to fit the natural color of the eyebrow to its complexion and to its hair color

– the frost fixative to discipline and guarantee an irreproachable holding.



Discover the universe of  Angélil Iffennecker and her brand Le Sourcil on OOBMAG.

To have more informations, discover the official website of Le Sourcil.


You have all the cards in hand to handle the art of the eyebrow and adopt the products which correspond to you best!

Do not forget, the eyebrow is a detail of the face, often neglected, but which changes everything!

Find in detail collections:




Discover details of these collections here:

Brow Collection – Benefit

Brow Studio – Givenchy 


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