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« Beauty secrets » – Eyeliner – Fanny Maurer

Article published 28 mai, 2014 at 22:15 in category : Beauty, BEAUTY SECRETS, Export, MAKE UP


For our first « Beauty Secrets » rendez-vous, I will talk about Eyeliner.

The eyeliner is my basic. Do not hesitate and GO!


Step 1:

I start by applying my eyeliner along the lash line.


Step 2:

Then I decide the direction of my draw (it must be in line with the lower eyelid following the shape of the eye)

and the length of my liner.


Step 3:

I finish the shape of my eyeliner


Step 4:

I filled the empty space.



And finally the « little Glam touch »

Play with the thickness of your mascara and add false eyelashes if you want!

I confess that I am addicted!


Now you are ready to wear your best look! And break hearts!


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Le 4 août 2014 à 23 h 03 min par Deborah

Ahaha, j’aime ta conclusion. Je teste tes explications des demain, merci beaucoup ça paraît très clair tout ca

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