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« Take a break with… » Romain Lion – Hair Colorist- Paris

Article published 22 novembre, 2013 at 14:13 in category : Export, INTERVIEWS


Romain prepares its colors like a gourmet chef would cook a nice meal.

Here it is not your taste buds but your pupils who will get delighted by the work of this young color chemist.

A dose of coloring powders, a hint of Nivea cream for the face contours (so that the skin doesn’t stain! ) , hair Oil from Leonor Greyl to prepare and protect the hair … And they’re off!

But, first and foremost, Romain places you in a comfortable red velvet vintage chair… like a Princess … Here he takes the time to listen and understand you. Yes, you young ladies who have been traumatized by “apprentices “hairdressers who saw in you a blank canvas on which to unload their artistic impulses. All this to let you walk away with a gradient  » rat tails  » and  » bi- color » staining with the famous honey locks on top of chocolate reflecting color! « But I just wanted to cut the tips and give a glow to my light brown! « 

After two years of hairdressing abstinence, however, you realize, that your cut is nowhere to be seen and hair color, although natural, is dull.

Fear no more ladies, Romain is here!

Sure, it’s a little more expensive than  » Camille , »  » Frank  » and  » Jean- Louis  » , but after seeing the flaming red of my friend Diane and silky brown of my friend Ségolène (two loyal customers) , I think  it’s worth it!

1:30PM , 2 cigarettes and coke zero later , here I am newly refreshed . The Tie & Dye from last season has been sent to oblivion. I gave my head to Romain and I did well to! My color is more natural than ever. My light brown is simply sublime. We do not suspect one second all the stuff that happened up there. No craziness or extreme makeovers: this color is me … but just better!

And now you ask, « But who is hiding behind this magician of color? ! « 

– It’s true! Who is Romain Lion?

I started as a colorist in a studio; I have been working with private customers for 4 years now where I am working inside the courtyard at 15 Palestro Street in Paris.

– You opened your salon / cocoon in 2009, what has been your journey like so far?

I started working with hair completely by accident in my senior year. At this point I did not think at all I would make it my career. A hairdresser friend showed me some stuff and then I started to cut the hair of some of my relatives and school friends.

Fairly quickly I found myself going to work after school. I was later spotted by the brand “Sebastian “that quickly asked me to join their creative team. The only condition was to come to Paris. Everything started from here. I started helping hairdressers in their studios, such as Bruce Free and Stéphane Pous from the Calisté agency. I also started helping and assisting a lot of other hairdressers from this agency.

But quickly I felt I was more drawn to color. So I continued mainly with Stephen. Then I worked for over a year with Elizabeth Luzet (hairdresser for film) for which I was the colorist for major feature films.

It’s after all these adventures I decided to open my own salon. Not having been to hairdressing school, I took a crash course while working in parallel at the Institute Leonor Greyl . After my graduation, in 2009, I opened my first salon located on Verdois Street.

– What are your favorite products?

I worked for quite a few years with Leonor Greyl products, which are in my opinion the best. This is a range that matches my approach to hair care. My favorite products are the hair oil Leonor Greyl , which I use constantly as basic care before any treatment or colors. I also particularly like the flowers and wheat germ oil cream.

– Between your salon and photo studios, what do you like most about your job?

I don’t really have a preference; the two are very different but bring me a lot. What is interesting is to be able to work my colors in various ways. I like to see the rendering and changes over time, and to follow up on my clients. Working with customers can really deepen the relationship between beauty and women. I feel privileged.

– Your tackle the task to enhance women’s beauty in their simplicity. Who do you think embodies the ultimate feminine beauty?

I think that in every woman lies a beauty of its own. Unfortunately they often fail to realize this and assert themselves. My role is to reveal their beauty rather than try to fit the beauty imposed by patterns or trends.

There are clients with whom I allow myself to go a little further, because they know each other well and want to play with their image. But generally, it is almost a work of “rehabilitation ». The beauty codes and the famous secret tips are transmitted less and less from grandmothers to mothers to daughters.

Oob – mag is a magazine focused on beauty, what about your beauty rituals?

I take so much care of others so that I tend to forget myself a bit. I do pay attention to the products that I buy. No peeling or cream in particular, it happens that I sometime steal some of the beauty products of my girlfriend.

But on occasions my little pleasure is to go to the barbershop and get my beard trimmed. Otherwise, I am crazy about the cologne  » Nenuco . »

The OOB mag team joins me in thanking with a big smile the charming Romain Lion .

Interviewed by OOB


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