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TAKE A BREAK WITH ANNE GORKE 100% organic, 100% made in Germany

Article published 15 décembre, 2013 at 12:00 in category : Export, INTERVIEWS

02Tell me more about Anne Gorke ..Who is she?

When I am in my business I am very outgoing and kind of loud. I slip in an entertainer skin, it really comes automatically. There are only a few people besides my family that I can be silent with, very very few.. When I am by myself I sort of enter my own world. Then I can be silent for days.. I am watch movies or look at magazines, books or photos and my brain just strolls around.. This is time I really need otherwise I get very nervous and uncomfortable in people’s company

How can you describe your career plan?

My goal is to build up this brand and develop it into a business that allows me to work independently. So my career plan is more or less making this possible. I put all my effort and power in this brand and together with my business partner we try to be as efficient as possible without losing sight of our believes like being sustainable for an example.

I started Working with textiles in a creative way during university. The Bauhaus University Weimar enables you to interact with other students from other faculties and to still be able to get your work done within your university. That gives you great freedom and makes it possible to try out new different things. This is how I got immediately hooked on fabrics. That’s how it all started. When I decided to really do this as an own brand there was no real discussion whether I would use organic or non-organic fabrics. As soon as you dig a bit deeper you understand how cruel regular production really is, how bad it is for nature and humans as well. It never made sense to me to work with regular textiles that are cruelly produced.

AnneFarbe 01Where do you find your inspiration?

Actually I think I have some information filters missing; I notice almost everything around me. So finding inspiration means just looking around and picking the one thing that leaves you breathless at that certain moment. From there on you have it, the essential feeling or moment that you need to build the rest.

How do you manage to reinvent yourself in your art?

I am not really trying to reinvent myself. I am just trying to express what I feel at this moment. And the best for me is doing this with dresses.

Is there things you want to experience further in terms of creations or materials?

So far I am doing things step by step. I am trying not to do too much too quickly. But I am quite interested in porcelain and very rough wool…

What do you like the most about your job?

That my business partner and I are our own bosses and we are really trying to build something together. And I am able to work creatively in very different areas what comes naturally when you build your own business.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Hopefully still growing with my own brand and with my own collection and seeing women on the street that wear my designs.

Interviewed by Nala Penthera

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