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« Take a break with… » Yannig Samot – Healthy cooking enthusiast – Paris

Article published 1 juillet, 2013 at 20:06 in category : Export, INTERVIEWS



Street Food is a popular term that refers to simple traditional dishes, which are prepared to be eaten outside on the go, in the street, at the park, at your desk or while walking … Itinerant stalls, renowned restaurants, or food trucks, offer a large variety of tasty and refined foods that are easily available to eat everywhere at any time of the day.

In his book « Street Food » Yannig shares his favorite places in Paris that are fun to discover and where you can enjoy great ready-to-go recipes.  Cambodian, Caribbean, Japanese, Indian, French, Italian … Travel around the world without leaving home with over 30 fabulous street food inspired recipes.

« Street Food », a book that’s good enough to eat!  Published by Hachette Pratique. 33 recipes to make at home and 33 must see places.


1948_54968303293_8715_n - Version 2As a talented actor and a cooking enthusiast, you have opened several restaurants in Paris (Le chéri Bibi, La famille, le cul de poule) as well as a catering business specializing in mozzarella and other homemade produce. Where did you get the idea for this book?

Thank you for the “talented”, you’re the second to tell me that, after my mother, it me gives hope.
The idea for this book came from a meeting with the publishing director at Hachette, that was organized by a friend of mine in a verynice restaurant, Le cheri Bibi! The director asked me if I had an idea for a book: I told her about my passion for street food and finger food. She said “go for it” and I said “thank you”.

It is often apparent and twists street food to junk food, where can you go for a snack « healthy » in Paris?

Luckily today in Paris, you can enjoy delicious, healthy, quality foods, while on the go.

LOGO INCLINE HD V2Go to Mum Dim Sum for their steamed bites in 17th arrondissement,  to le Petit Cambodge for their shrimp bobuns without spring rolls, but it’s a shame … to the Falafel for the best falafel, a real veggie sandwich because the “meatballs” are made with chickpeas and you don’t have to eat the bread, or try the kurdish kebab at the Urfa Durum (rue du faubourg st denis) because it is not served with oily fries or that creamy white sauce that goes right to the ass, just thin flat bread, a skewer of meat and salad with tomato. Understand…?

You are truly a one man band, between work in the kitchen and shootings! What is your beauty secret?

Drink natural wine and make love, not war!

Men take better care of their appearance today. What is your morning beauty care routine? Are you a « good student », do you follow traditional advice or are you “minimum care”, a moisturizer and Off you Go!?

To start with, no products with parabens, phenoxyethanol, aluminum salts or other crap.
In the morning a little Melvita organic moisturizer, shea cream for the hair and a doctor Haushka mask once a week and that’s it.

« Too much is not enough » is the theme of this issue, number 0, what was your last crazy moment that was « too much »?

I watched the uncensored clip of Robin Thike with Emily Ratajkowski twenty times in a row, she really is very pretty.

We thank Yannig Samot for taking his time to do this interview.  We wish you all “Bon appetite “ and good health!

Interview was done by OOB Mag

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