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« Take a break with… » Thierry Vainqueur – Kaporal A.D – Paris

Article published 1 juillet, 2013 at 18:59 in category : Export, INTERVIEWS

photo copie 10 mn backstage (7.12mn more exactly!), with the artistic director of Kaporal. We met at Hotel Dieu in Marseille where the fashion show will be taking place, presenting the new collection. June 17th at 2:37 am : I hope that I will be able to sleep a little before the meeting Call Time at 9.30am tomorrow.

4:44am… I just watched the movie « Transformers »… (no comment on my cinematographic taste please !!!)

Well, we shall see how fresh my face is going to look later… Luckily I brought my eye decongestant roll-on !! Oups ! Actually, I didn’t… ARrrr… Anyway… The atmosphere backstage is cool and relaxed. Well done for the casting of the models! They all look amazing!… 6 girls / 6 boys.

I am now going to take a few minutes to interview Thierry Vainqueur.

1:11pm  We have been on a break for an hour. Under Thierry’s directions, dressers check the clothes, silhouettes and the catwalk order.

So, Who is Thierry Vainqueur ?

Artistic director for the brand Kaporal, I am a passionate person. What I like the most is the “mélange des genres”, the mixing different styles. For me anything that can be mixed has a touch of modernity. The mixing of styles is the future of fashion and due to my origins; I can identify my own codes as well as those of tomorrow. This is what I enjoy the most about my work and fabrics in general.

How did you start working for Kaporal ?

 Laurent (Kaporal General Director) wanted to meet me. I had no idea of what the brand Kaporal was all about. I arrived with my leopard bag, my legs crossed and there I was: « Hi! You wanted to see me?! ». We talked and we instantly had a mutual good feeling.

My appointment was at 10am and I left at 8pm…

We had a great contact then; that was two years ago and the adventure continues. In this type of fashion house you have work with passion and total commitment. Otherwise, forget about it ! Laurent wanted to tone up the brand and that was exactly my ambition. I was able to do it, respecting the soul of the brand while making it evolve at the same time. I love it!

He follows my ideas and knows how to emphasize them. And when I go too far, he is there to check up on me. But generally, he lets me act in accordance to my own projections.
Of course as an A.D, I always want to go further!

Laurent has always been surrounded by the right people. He knows how to enhance the potential in each of us. And that is a sign of real intelligence.

In your opinion, what factors have brought you to where you are now?

I am the type of person who fantasizes a lot. I‘m still a big dreamer, even at my age. I have always escaped, isolating myself in order to dream.
Whatever the theme of the collection or the type of client, middle or high class, as I have had the opportunity to work with all kinds of clients, I am always motivated by a dream and my projection. As long as I have those fantasies, I will keep on doing my job. Realizing your dreams is so exciting.

I have never been afraid of a challenge; the most important thing is to bring your own energy and vision into what you do, while respecting the brand image of course. 

What do you like the most about your work?

The concept, the search for the story that I want to tell and then sharing it with others. I like the idea that people can then appropriate it for themselves.

 What will be the new trends for this summer?

 Since we are, what we call a « jeaner », the idea is to make jeans more elegant though the use of themes with well defined ethical touches.

What kind of style do you appreciate the most on women and men ?

I think that what I like best are « casual chic destroyed » types of clothes. (laughs)

I like when you have the impression that everything has been just thrown together casually. That’s what best defines each person’s individual style. The difference is also in the way that the clothes are worn. I like some outfits for their color codes, their harmony or just for the way they fit. I like very small and very big things. It’s the complementarities of both that create the imbalance that I love !

If you were a piece of clothing, what would you be ?

Definitely, a dress!! (laughs)

But seriously, I would be a pair of pants, any kind because it’s an item that adapts to anything. 

What is a fashion faux-pas, for you?

People who say fashion is has-been.

What is a make-up faux-pas?

Too glossy

The one and only makeup product?

I would be a lipstick, blood red!


Interview  by Nala @ OOB Mag

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