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« Take a break with… » Susana sanchez – Makeup artist – Spain

Article published 3 juin, 2013 at 21:23 in category : INTERVIEWS

It’s 5 o’clock in the afternoon when I get to Cornelia, a beautiful restaurant in Barcelona. I’m waiting for Susana, one of the best makeup artists in the city. After 5 minutes, she appears with the best smile, elegant, natural and with such energy that characterizes her. Cris G. is late, so I get to work.

suzana sanchezSusana is a person who transmits serenity, perhaps because she started working very young as a production assistant in a production company, where she found out about the world of makeup and hairdressing. She was so interested that she decided to change her career.

Cris G. finally arrived with a blend of freshness and stress that wake us up from our untold stories.

So Susana, Tell us how did you started in the world of lipsticks and blushes?

I started working as a make-up artist at the age of 29.My first Jobs were as assistant of foreign makeup artist that were coming to Barcelona to do fashion productions. I learned much more from the people I work with than from my studies.
What do you love the most from your job?

I love the teamwork, to know new people, new places, it’s a luxury for me! And especially the fact that you have to dedicate oneself 100% to every new project and have a common goal with the rest of the team for an Amazing result. That means you must live it intensely. Sometimes it’s exhausting, but in the other hand it turns out being very interesting in a creative level because it gives you the opportunity to keep creating constantly, we can call it the “no routine”.

The coffees are ready. I love the smell! We took a sip and we continue..

Susana, as we mentioned before, being a makeup artist requires dealing with many people daily and very different.

What lead you to become who you are today?

Susana looks up, it seems that she is thinking in good experiences from the past.
Knowing people with a different point of view, with other culture, other ways of working, of living, of Eating, of having fun… It helps you to be more comprehensive and tolerant. I’m sure that there are so many things I wouldn’t have done or known if it wasn’t for this job. The models, for example, are girls who are constantly traveling and they give me lots of advices about new make-up products that are used in other countries.

Who do you love more, the hairdresser or makeup?

Nowadays, I can’t decide. It’s like having two babies, you can’t choose which one you love the most! There was a time when I preferred the make-up, but just because it was easier for me, but after all those years I’ve improved both, so now I can’t choose. Love both! Besides, one complements the other, and the final result is the sum of both. Sometimes, during productions with foreign clients, they ask me to do just one thing, and I have to admit that I kind of suffer. Not because I don’t trust in the other person, but because every person understands what the client wants, in a different way.

We are women who like to look good everyday, could you tell us a makeup trick?

There are few, but one of the best secrets is a good BB cream to reach a great skin easily. Any product that helps your dry skin, turn into a juicy and radiant skin. Another one, would be the whitening eyedrops! It helps you to illuminate your eyes, because sometimes the makeup can be great, but if you have irritated eyes, it won’t look that perfect!

Talking about tricks, could you tell us what would be the makeup trends for this summer? Any colour preferences?

This summer, will be all in all! Don’t be afraid to mix colors ..Full colors! Especially the red or deep orange lipgloss.

The summer colors would be red, orange and fuchsia.

The waitress approaches us again. They are so kind!

Tell us three beauty products you really consider « miraculous » and they can’t miss in any woman make-up bag.

A good foundation, mascara and cream blush that can be used as gloss as blush.

Moving on, Which hairstyle would you recomend us for the next summer season?

The hairstyle for this summer is definitely the middle ponytail that looks good to everyone. It’s a ponytail not too brushed, very natural and with a bit of volume.
It’s a chilly look for this summer that gives you a sport style.

Lets be more glamorouse, which is your favourite celebrity that you has done her make up?

Definitely Cindy Crawford. She always has been one of my ídols.  Also, she is lovely, very natural and friendly. I have very good memories. it was a very good experience!

If you could choose someone .. Who would you liked to make up and hair styling?

I would loved to make up Sofia Lauren, Marilyn Monroe or Tina Turner. They are women with great energy, strength and they give light only by entering in a room.

As for men, I’d love to make up Robert De Niro, if they ask to do it, I won’t sleep all night!

Finally, what would you advice to young make up artists that are starting?

They have to work with a lot of passion and desire. They have to know that all adds up, all help to grow up in this bussiness and don’t give up! This profession is like a long race.

After our lunch with Susana, we inaugurate our « Take a break with .. » made in Spain.

Ciao Ciao!

Interview was done by Cris  & Cris @ OOB Mag


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