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« Take a break with… » Jorge de La Garza – Makeup Artist – Barcelone

Article published 20 juillet, 2013 at 0:10 in category : Export, INTERVIEWS

It’s Monday, it’s 12 am, the sun is shining and it’s spring … great mix! Cris. G. is waiting on a terrace. This time I’m the one who is late. My motorbike just broke halfway of the meeting… So lucky! I’m carrying bags, packages and the happy helmet that I can’t use! Why always women carry so many things? It might be genetic… I take a taxi as soon as possible because I’m already really late. Cris. G. is waiting for me, sitting and relaxing on a sunny terrace in Barcelona. How beautiful is this city!

Today we will interview Jorge de la Garza, talented, educated and with a great experience in the fashion world. Jorge is a makeup artist and hairdresser, and also has his own brand of makeup products.

We meet at his flat in the centre of Barcelona. We walk in and there he is, calm and smiling. His apartment is wonderful! It has a magical light, with walls full of artwork. Classical music sounds in the background… the atmosphere is very cosy.

Jorge tell us, how did your story start in the wonderful world of fashion?

FotoJorgedelaGarzaI started here in Spain. I am Mexican and worked as an architect until the company folded due to financial problems. I worked many hours a day, I was very tired, and so I decided to make a well-deserved holiday in Europe. I didn’t plan to visit Barcelona, but some Catalan friends insisted me to come. They told me, when you see Barcelona you will love it! And said and done, I came and I stayed!

Fashion always interested me. I started as assistant when I was 29 and as a good hairdresser assistant I had to sweep hair, wash heads and spades… well, everything!

I wanted to work in fashion magazines and to develop my creativity. But in those days the “makeup artist” job didn’t exist because models did their own makeup. Finally, I got my first opportunity; my first job was for Vogue Spain with a Miss Universe. I had to do some high fashion hairstyles but I hadn’t any experience … I was very nervous! But I came out victorious!

What part of your job do you like the most?

I like working with different teams, being in contact with people, learning about different cities, photographers, ways of life. As a makeup artist, you always have pressure on what you have to do, and this makes you strong and giving your best in every job.

I could not bear a boring life in the same place of work, always the same schedule.
My life has been always around my work, and I’m very happy because I enjoy working.
Jorge gets up from the chair … « I forgot, would you like to drink something? » He is so sweet… One glass of water is perfect!

Jorge, you have a makeup brand called Jorge de la Garza Make up. What drives you to create it?

Long time ago, in Spain, there weren’t that many makeup brands, or shops where you could buy products. I bought most of the products I used for working in the United States.

The opportunity to create my own makeup brand came to me and I thought that would be the best way to satisfy my needs, and also those of many other people who had no chance of getting the products sold abroad.

Jorge sais… « I hope for many years! » Yes it is Jorge, I am a fan of your lip scrub! It’s great!
He smiles, proud of what he has done. I can note that he has worked very hard to pull this beautiful project forward.

Someone with your experience must have many secrets for makeup. Tell us, please!

Use just enough, is the greatest secret. The daylight makes detectable absolutely everything you use. I recommend you very light makeup, a little bit of mascara, lip-gloss and a bit of blush. During the night you can use more make up, because the light is darker and more makeup looks good to go. But during the day, use the minimum!
As many say « Less is more ».

And practice a lot. You need to improve the technique slowly… practice makes perfection!

We love it! It goes with our mood … so girls, let’s practice for not going out like an abstract painting portrait!

Moving on, let’s talk about beauty trend, do you follow them?

Trends exist, in the fashion shows, magazines, etc. The trick is to use the best according to your personality and way of being.

What trend you follow this season?

In Jorge de la Garza, this year we opted for glowing, juicy and light skin. This season we have the same mood of Chanel and Guerlain. We didn’t copied, because these things are decided a year before … but what a coincidence!

To make a juicy skin, we use concealers and brightness to illuminate different areas of the face. The eyes are less important than other years. But obviously we are in the cosmetic business and as a makeup artist I can’t put nothing! So with a light shade, a touch on the brow and mascara, you are ready to rock!

All women dream of having a beautiful hair, but if we could treat it, which would be the product that would help to have it?

We have to note that what we see in the pictures of hair products it has nothing to do with reality. For the campaigns we use products that give shine to the hair, also the light of the photographer magnifies the brightness and also sometimes use fake hair to give more volume.

No chances for us…aaarrrgh!

Try to treat it in the most natural way possible, don’t do any hair bun when the hair is still wet, wash it with good products, get mask from time to time, a good diet, take vitamins … all these influences will help you to have a beautiful hair. But above all, keep in mind that everything you see on the hair campaigns, is not real. Everything you do to your hair helps, but it doesn’t mean you’re going to have the same hair that is in the photo. The wonderful hair we all desire is a genetic issue.

Really? There is nothing we can do!

Let’s be a little gossip, what famous did you like to make up the most?

I have worked with many models that have impressed me so much, but not only for their beauty, also for their professionalism.

Jorge is thoughtful … Is not easy to choose only one!

Elle Macpherson has the most beautiful body I’ve ever seen. She’s also very nice, sweet, punctual, professional … It was a great experience! She wrote me a letter saying thanks for the work so beautiful that I had done. I will always remember.

Amber Valletta also impressed me! She knows her body; all the pictures that the photographer took were good. She is wonderful, spectacular the way she works. She’s charming, makes jokes all the time, nice, lovely … well I have many nice words for her!

Dreaming is for free… So, if you could choose, who would you liked to work with?

With Linda Evangelista. I have never seen a model so changeable like her!

What advice would you give to young people studying makeup?

I never studied makeup, I learned working. But I read a lot about makeup, beauty, and culture in general.

I would advise them to be prepared for everything, not just in makeup and styling but also in knowledge. For example, watching old movies with all the makeup and hairstyles of times … authors like Visconti or Fellini give you many ideas. Many productions we make have references from a movie.

You have to know about photographers, designers, fashion shows, etc. All this things will help you to see which is the concept.

The culture makes you different… so read, read and read!

Tell us 3 products that you consider as « must » in a woman bag?

First of all, use concealer for your skin tone. It helps you to refine the dark circles and spots. The Jorge de la Garza « Waterproof Concealer Pen » is fantastic!

Then, you can use some creamy blush for cheeks and lips, black pencil for the eyes and some powder.

With these products you have all you need to refresh your look!


It was a pleasure this interview. We love to take a Break with Jorge de la Garza. When he talks, he captivates you. His charm, his quiet voice and his expressions have made a wonderful time in his apartment.

See you soon!

Ciao Ciao.

Interview of Cris & Cris for OOB Mag

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