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« Take a break with… » Danielle – Fan designer – Paris

Article published 2 septembre, 2013 at 20:31 in category : Export, INTERVIEWS


Who is hiding behind this fan? Danielle is passionate and creative. She welcomed us warmly into her studio where we discover a true treasure trove.

– When and how did this adventure start?

The adventure started in 2007. It was very hot that day in Paris. I looked desperately for a fan all day. I finally found one in a small shop. Once back home I accidentally poured my coffee on it. The idea came to me at that moment.

At first, I wanted to develop a concept of fans as an advertising medium. I first worked with leading luxury hotels such as Bristol, Majestic – Cannes and the Grand Hotel in Paris. After that, I wanted to create more sophisticated fans. So I went to train in a specialized workshop in Spain. There, I learned the basic technique for mounting hand-held fans. This is a very particular method, an art that is passed from one generation to the other. Usually strangers are not welcomed! The manufacturing of these gems are a well-guarded secret. So then by myself I further developed the expertise. Having worked 20 years in the fashion industry, I’ve always had a creative side. I love the world of fashion and more specifically accessories. I love to be adventurous in this field!

IMG_3286– So you had the opportunity to work with major brands. What has until now been your best projects?

Today I owe my best best partnership to the Caron house. They totally trusted me and we have maintained an excellent collaboration for two and a half years today. With them, I create objects which are luxurious but also affordable to everyone. There is a real choice within their fan collection. The prices range from the most simple at 50 € to the most sophisticated at 1500 €. Together we have also created fans for the brand “On aura tout vu. » These are distributed each year to their guests during the July fashion week.

In addition, I had the opportunity to work a few years on great projects with the Moulin Rouge. We have kept a very friendly relationship together.

Subsequently there are houses such as Guerlain perfumers who approached me to create promotional fans for their brand. It was a different original approach to present their new fragrances.
Generally brands trust me. I listen to their wishes, study brand identity, their color code then I let my imagination run free. Clients are sometimes surprised but always pleased!

Besides that, I work regularly for major events like Roland Garros or for private individuals for birthday’s parties or weddings. Today, a new and beautiful adventure begins as I am currently working on a new project with one of the largest houses of luxury lingerie.

– Can you describe the different steps for creating a fan?

First step we start with is the frame. It is usually made of wood, natural, varnished or painted, and even precious woods. I work with a person who is specifically responsible for putting together the frames one by one. The frame construction with canvas is then carried out in the workshop. I work with all kinds of materials – lace, silk, fabric, feathers. You can then work on the stems, paint, use print or engrave them. We can also customize the fan for example with rhinestones, chains, feathers, tassels… We can do so many things!

– With which materials do you like to work with the most?

I love Swarovski rhinestones! They immediately light up any accessory. One rhinestone is enough to dress the fan. I also think it gives it relief. I also enjoy working with small chains. Recently, I started creating fans which are wearable, such as on a necklace or a bracelet. These are my “minis”.

The fan can be worn around the neck with the chain that have been worked and plated with fine gold. And thanks to a free link, they do not get tangled! Other chains are also made using very light wood or aluminum. The bracelets are made of leather and you can obviously add Swarovski rhinestones! Ladies, you can now fan yourself with chic, casual elegance and …
With this new range of “minis » I also adapted the micro-encapsulation of the canvas. (This process often used in the paper can imprison a fragrance for an extended period on the canvas.) Then just gently rub the fabric so that the fragrance is reactive. This chemical reaction can last up to 10 months. There is in my opinion a true harmony between the world of fragrance and the use of a fan. This is an original way to perfect an accessory.

– There is no stopping your creativity! Do you have any new ideas in mind?

I am currently working on custom Panamas. These are not real Panamas, because the budget would not be the same but they are of excellent quality. So I create ribbons that I then add to the hat.
In addition, a luxury house recently contacted me so I customize real Panamas with jewelry that will match the “minis” necklaces and bracelets collection. The total “mini” fan total look!

– Last question, as you know our magazine is based on beauty. What are your little rituals in this area?

Since my early teens, I wash my face and remove make-up exclusively using water and soap. I use a day and night cream. But the thing without which I never go out, is my perfume Shalimar … It’s a way to leave a trace of my passage somewhere. I admit to being unfaithful to it sometimes but since I was 18, I always come back to it.

Interview by OOB MAG

Translate by Audrey Hefes

Photos by Jordan I


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