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« Smita’s World » – VIDEO HO

Article published 4 septembre, 2014 at 17:18 in category : Beauty, Export, Fashion, SMITA'S WORLD, VIDEOS

#smitasworld   #mylifeasamodel   #OOBMAG


« The way our stylist Malini Banerjee is laughing is proof of why I will never be in a ghetto rap video. »

#onemoredreamdown #weonlygot3moves 

« But hey this is how it goes down when you work for 8 days straight, sleep three hours and travel to another city to

shoot. The pictures turned out great though. We shot for a very cool brand called Turquoise & Gold. They do resort

wear and everything is so easy and fun.  « 


Styled by Malini Banerjee

Photographed by Jatin Kampani



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