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I dedicate this issue to all who are uprooted, to all these varieties of beauties which are inspiring me.

Our future is not into the hate and the fear of the other, but in the "all together".

Jabe, editor in Chief.

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Purity :

The quality of which is pure, unpolluted, flawless, without alteration, without stain nor moralstain.

Resilience :

It is the ability of the body to resist to pressures and to regain its initial structure. In psychology, resilience is the capacity to live, to succeed despite the adversity to grow.

Some people will say again, "where did he get that.... ? "what that has to do with the beauty?" ......

This theme is simply evident to me, essential....And specially urgent to show, urgent to approach by these troubled times.

From an Afro-Caribbean father, and a mother from France, raised in Guadeloupe, a true multicultural crucible. I always had the deep feeling that was a wealth. It was enough that they talk to me about somewhere else for me to start dreaming.

I wish only about one thing, to discover the world, because I had inside me these different cultures. I was feeling myself strong. I was feeling myself rich and I was happy to embody all this.

A night in Pondichery, in this city so link to my country by its history, I started to think of my grandmother, and my grandfather, them who never left their island, their country.

I was thinking to my slave ancestors, to their suffering and I was seeing myuself, there, seated in that sublime city. I realized, that it took all this, all this errors, for me to exist. I the result of a mixture of two nation who detested and hated themselves.

More and more people from the mixture of two populations are today the spearhead of mouvements of rich thinkings, and full of future.

Today, we must take the lead, we must forgive and go forward together. We own this to our ancestors in order to show them the suffering that they went through, has been transcended and despite all, we are happy...

And this is the Resilience.

Jabe for OOB#7:

Back to the roots, a declaration of love.