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OOB N°06 Cover Dain


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Beyond Neo Modernism 

OOB #6.

The artists I chose give us their vision of a future that is theirs: minimal, technological, natural. It will be the result of a unique estheticism, the fruit of a savory and cheeky research. 


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6 – is the symbol of Creativity, beauty, harmony, perfection,  family, love, but also demand, idealization and impatience…

I like to dream of a return to purity, simplicity, where the Nothing will take off like breathing.

Bringing Nothing to the fore is a fragile and complex exercise, which takes its full scope at the origins of contrast and contradiction.

The simple lines, the sober matters, light, the truthfulness of movement, listening to the inner self, will be my intimate guides.

Nowadays, more than ever, it is necessary to adorn oneself with beauty, with Sharing and Love, which define the images that were entrusted to me and that I publish in this dear No 6.


What is Neo Modernism?

Neo Modern Art or Neo Modernism is a reaction to the complexity of postmodern architecture and eclecticism, in search of greater simplicity. This movement was born is the 90s.

This architectural movement dominates the 20th and the 21st centuries, especially in public buildings. Neo Modernism rejects classical ornaments and decorations. Neo modern buildings are functional and inspired by monoliths. They are imposing and are made of large blocks.

Why “Beyond”?

This famous future that we would all like to know and guess, isn’t it a fight between structure and nature? Between rules and freedom?

Dain for OOB#6:
Dain is one of the most influential New York street artists of his generation. All his works are a hymn to love, a mix of graffiti and Hollywood glamour, which embody this urban fantasy that we adore. 

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