This project stems from a pure artistic desire to create a tangible support through which beauty, luxury and photography can be expressed freely.

More than a magazine, OOB mag is a virtual bible, a reference for beauty trends.

With a release every 6 months (October 15/15 April) OOB mag
takes the time to create a little gemm of luxury and art, to be collected and treasured.

Teams from around the world share with you their
favorite discoveries, adventures and experiences through
photos, interviews and making-of videos.

OOB mag is also visible on internet (www.oobmag.com,
facebook, tumblr, twitter, instagram, Viadeo, youtube) where you can find news updates and links to the latest fashion and trends.



With its know-how and experience in the world of
fashion and beauty, but also in that of branding, OOB offers its brands
the services of the best professionals in the field of art direction or photo production and audio-visual supports.