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Serkan Cura Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2014 – by Sheri Chiu

Article published 11 février, 2014 at 20:39 in category : ACTU - EVENT, Export

Set in the Théâtre Déjazet, Serkan Cura’s Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2014 show was not an ordinary défilé; it was an adventure.

We heard birds cawing in the distance as the curtains of the theater were drawn. Smoke filled the stage as the first model appeared in a desert sand corset with layers of loose strands, as if she had been washed ashore. Cura’s collection, “Les Naufragés de mes mondes” showcased a large range of exotic plumed muses. The haute couture designer accentuated fine waists and shapely hips with structural bodices and corsets. We saw a seashell bustier, a coral corset, and sea urchin accessories. With the support of Swarovski, Cura’s masterpieces truly shined bright.

Three models were on the stage at a time, rotating so that audience members could get a good look at each garment. Cura’s muses were given the chance to slowly pose and play with the art forms on their body. Two models seductively opened their gorgeous accessories, a spiked shell fan and one covered in golden gems. There were porcupine-like needles in one look, adding a fierce edge to a sensual and dramatic collection. Other girls appeared to be gracefully tangled in sea plants. The color palette consisted of beach tan, squid ink black, hay yellow, sparkling marine blue, and sea foam white.

The final look was a showstopper: a glacial dress fit for an ice queen. The shoulders were exemplified with an array of feathers. Transparent sequins decorated the midsection.

Makeup artist, Elise Ducrot added gems under models’ eyes and sheer gloss to lips. Hairstylist Christian Attuly braided the hair in the front and slicked the rest back in order to give an overall wet and neat feeling. In short, Cura’s models were glowing on stage.

Serkan Cura never fails to surprise, and he has outdone himself once again. The designer’s creations were filled with rich texture. He created a stranded world we want to explore and be a part of. Cura reminds all of us what haute couture is really about: imagination, dreams, and luxury.

We at OOB can’t wait to see what he does next….

Sheri Chiu

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