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Article published 27 juin, 2017 at 21:41 in category : ALL NEWS, Beauty, NEWS, Skin care, THE PLACES

Focus on : Salt of Ibiza, De Angel soap,  and The Sargantana

The salt of Ibiza: A very intriguing region

The particularity of this salt is that its extremely pure and 100% natural. The salt mines occupy 400 hectares. A large part of the production is exported to the Scandinavian countries, because they use it to salt and conserve the fish. It contains no additives, preservatives and is not subject to any kind of refining. Slowly dried in the sun and ground with centuries-old stones according to the tradition, it is composed of more than 80 minerals and trace elements.

The brand « Sal de Ibiza » has taken advantage of this. Its range is declined on various forms of salt: « fleu de sel », crystals, with spices or aromatic herbs such as Cajun spice salt, or lemongrass and ginger, or in grain… not to mention the salt mills, the snacks such as chips and peanuts. The color of the different packaging is attractive : pale green and gold. Their motto: Because a good salt needs nothing more than the sea, the sun and the wind; the authentic « Crystal of life!  »

To bring back from this trip : the blue packaging that remind us Tiffany’s color.






Market’s soap : Jabon de Angel : El Jabon de Angel have a panel of homemade soap with natural ingredients and Ibiza’s oil. Perfect for your eyes and your skin. Colors and shapes as pleasant to touch or smell. Use without moderation..



The sargantana or lizard of Ibiza


The endemic reptile of this island. There are more than 30 species living among the different islands of the Balearic Islands.

It is green, multicolored and it became the emblem of Ibiza: you can find it on every touristic items and it’s part of the routine of the inhabitants. It surely bring happiness!

To me, I would keep in memory an amazing adventure. Ibiza conquered me and deserves to be granted much more depth. It’s now your turn to make your own discoveries!


Dany & Patricia


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