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Article published 27 juin, 2017 at 14:50 in category : ALL NEWS, NEWS, THE PLACES




Orly sud airport 17:30, boarding in 30 minutes… on the way to Eivissa!


It’s no longer a dream, i’ll take with me. In the queue, I notice two individuals dressed like the 70’s. I am sure now to be on the right flight to Ibiza. In two hours I will be on the island of delights, of party and love. Seats near me are empty. I think the hostess has warned the passengers that I love talking. We’re now landing with a sunset and a nice temperature : 32C !

I have two days to discover this little white paradise, and meet the local people  » Los Ibicencos »




A little bit of its history : in the 60’s, Ibiza became the hippies’ little paradise where they began to earn a living from their artisanal products. They made the island magical and mysthical.

In the 70s arrive the era of glamor, where two famous nightclubs represented the spirit of Ibiza with their chillness and hippie style. At this time, mysthic concerts are organized. International stars came to play there and built the legend of the island.

In the 80’s/90’s : Ibiza is the engine of the most famous bands. The destination has become cult, and « the place to be ».The end of the 90’s marked a turning point for this kind of music, and the majority of the other clubs are deserted. London restarted the machine and Ibiza became the perfect place to organize these events. New nightclubs opened their doors like « le Café Del Mar »: Ibiza evolve into La Isla de la Fiesta.

Year 2000 : the clubs are a real institutions, DJs started to get the residency on the island to play and transformed itself to bring the youths and the international jet set. The touristic offer is in better quality thanks to the luxury business which has transformed Ibiza into a gold mine. The island is unmissable for the night life.

Let’s discover the magic and the cosmopolitan island’s secrets, where everything is white with the most « glamorous » beaches, and where the latest musical trends cohabit in peace.

The goal for the two days ? meet nice, friendly and generous people.

On my way to the « marina », I founded hippie clothes boutiques on every corner. I get inside one of them and walk along a sort of corridor, where the colored shirts are mixed with necklaces and accessories to finally arrive to a coffee shop…! I approach the counter surprised by this atypical place. I am welcomed by a radiant smile from the owner, delighted to understand my interest for this place so original.

This place is today contemporary with a mix of hippie, gypsy and romantic’s style which seduces fashionista from all over the world. If you want to get the fashionable style, this is the panoply to adopt to walk the streets of the neighborhood of Dalt Vila (the old town) : Suede boots, fluid materials, lace, fringe, denim shorts, tote bags, colorful and golden jewelry, long dresses, cropped tops, glasses…

The few hippies who remain to the island, will receive you with arms wide open.


Dany & Patricia

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