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« Divona – Divinita » – Hair Stylist: Yusuke Taniguchi

Article published 10 mai, 2013 at 18:13 in category : Beauty, Export, Fashion, MAG #0


Hair stylist: Yusuke Taniguchi

 – What does « too much is not enough » mean to you ?


– About your shooting, how did you work on it and how did you approach the subject?

The shooting was very exciting for me because there was a real artistic and creative atmosphere.





oob-maquette-ld- N°0-137

oob-maquette-ld- N°0-138


oob-maquette-ld- N°0-139


oob-maquette-ld- N°0-140



Photographer: Bérengère Valognes

Stylist: Agnes Boy

Makeup: Elise Ducrot @ B4 Agency

Hair: Yusuke Taniguchi @ B4 Agency

Models: Dolores Doll @ Women Management – Julia Almendra @ Marilyn Agency

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