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« Gold inceste » by Vincent LG & Alex Bertone, stylist: Melanie Perego

Article published 13 mai, 2013 at 17:00 in category : Beauty, Export, Fashion, MAG #0

melanie Peregoweb

Melanie Perego – Stylist

– What does « too much is not enough » mean to you ?

The world needs to dream. Lucky are the people who have access to real luxury.

This is why we create images that make us dream, we’ll never have enough luxury!

Luxury for everyone!

– About your shooting, how did you work on it and how did you approach the subject?

The idea of the topic “Gold Beauty” talked to me a lot, because I love this sensuality that comes out from naked bodies.

And if you add some well-selected accessories, then there will be a real harmony between jewels and the human body.

oob-maquette-ld- N°0-166


oob-maquette-ld- N°0-167


oob-maquette-ld- N°0-168


oob-maquette-ld- N°0-169


Photographers : Vincent LG & Alex Bertone

Stylist: Melanie Perego

Makeup: Bea Barbat

Hair : Nabil Harlow

Models : Inès rau – Nabil @ Karin Models

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