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« Artcore » by Louis Decamps

Article published 13 mai, 2013 at 17:32 in category : Beauty, Export, MAG #0, MAKE UP

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Biography – Louis Décamps was born in France in 1972.

Louis’s first love was that of architecture, he traveled the world studying and photographing it and eventually incorporating people. On returning to Paris, the advertising world becomes aware of its talent. In 1998, Le Prix Picto allows him to show certain artistic works in gallery as ‘My reality things’, ‘Japan or still’, ‘Heads on tables’ in the gallery DUO in Paris. His latest exhibition took place in Paris at the gallery Alain Blondel in October 2009.

Louis Décamps is a master of surreal settings and directing his characters. Louis looks at everything with an open mind and thinks the world is overflowing with humor.


oob-maquette-ld- N°0-126


oob-maquette-ld- N°0-127


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oob-maquette-ld- N°0-129


oob-maquette-ld- N°0-130


Photographer: Louis Decamps

Stylist: Vanessa Naudin

Makeup: Christina Lutz @ B Agency

Hair: Vinz @ B Agency

Models: Ksenia Gorban @ KLRP – Masha Radoskaya @ Elite

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