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Mia Frye – « Back to the roots » by Jean Francois Aloisi

Article published 13 mai, 2013 at 19:47 in category : Celebrities, Export, MAG #0

Biography Jean-François Aloïsi

Jean-François Aloïsi was born in Laos to a Vietnamese mother and a French father. He is a French citizen and at the age of 18 he moves to France and serves 4 years in the army. Back to civilian life, he takes a job as a workman at the Renault factories, then becomes a private chauffeur. One of his neighbours is a photographer and Jean-François starts borrowing his magazines. Thus Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Avedon, Penn, Guy Bourdin enter his life and Jean-François decides to become a photographer. He goes to evening school at the Ecole de Photographie of the rue de Vaugirard. Today, he is a well respected photographer famous for his still lives but who loves to shoot fashion and beauty as well. He is also an enthusiastic painter and saxophone player.


Mia Frye

Mia Frye


Mia Frye


Mia Frye indian nude


Photographer: Jean Francois Aloisy

Realisation & Makeup : Jabe @ B Agency

Hair: José Rodriguès

Talent : Mia Frye

Post Prod: Georges Emmanuel Arnaud

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