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« Touch » by Gilbert Benesty

Article published 13 mai, 2013 at 18:09 in category : Beauty, Export, HAIR, MAG #0

– Gilbert Benesty – What does « too much is not enough » mean to you ?

This idea makes me feel like the pursuit of a picture’s final goal: “the exact expression” of what its author wanted to say about this topic.

All the different kind of creative ways are good to bring you out of reality.

– About your shooting, how did you work on it and how did you approach the subject?

With Muriel Vancowen (hairstyle), we tried to bring the hair out of its natural context to make it like an expressive texture, almost abstract.

I also wanted to keep all the hair sensuality through light and shapes.

oob-maquette-ld- N°0-107

Photographer: Gilbert Benesty

Realisation & Hair : Muriel Vancauwen @ B Agency







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