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OOB #4 – « BAUHAUS STORM » by La Main Nude

Article published 30 janvier, 2015 at 15:54 in category : ALL NEWS, Export, FAVORITES, LA MAIN NUDE, NEWS

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“I’m a sinner who’s probably sin again”

Soundtrack : Bitch don’t kill my vibe par Kendrick Lamar. EP “Good Kid, m.A.A.d City”






When, at the end of the marathon gargantuan feasts ending the year, failing to empty the belly, if you try to lay your head, moult options are available.

The simplest, a cosy and hype press store.

« How to remove the stuffed turkey in you »

« Calories, monsters of the night, hopeless night »

« Bauhaus storm »

« Cure detox, it’s now or never »

« Your horoscope of the year .. Discover the better in you »

Huh, what ?? There’s a clash in my brain. « BAUHAUS STORM » ??

The mag is called OOB … Number 3. With 4 covers to choose from ..



Not a word, except the editorial of Jabe, chief editor.

No need. Series match perfect agreement with the Bauhaus spirit. Materials, textures, faces, bodies, colors, metal, reinvented, reinterpreted in all directions.

Mr. Gropius, I think that in spite of the adversities of movements, in spite of the backhands of the History, the spirit of the movement knew how to continue and find heirs. And you will agree on it, a smooth sea never made has skilled sailor.

It seems to me besides that this proverb could apply to the chief editor of OOB.. He seems, in view of the challenge that he launched 2 years ago, that he likes nothing as long as to evolve in a sea so agitated as its ideas and the turbulence even the arrogance of its desires. Much good may it do him/her and for our most great pleasure, much good may it do us!

To me, absolute and ultimate crush for the serie “Ninahaus”, by Isabelle Chapuis and her model Nina Flageul who synthesizes to her alone the Manifesto Bauhaus.


La main Nude for OOB Mag

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