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« Nos Vamos / Let’s go » – Folys Café

Article published 27 juin, 2017 at 17:47 in category : ALL NEWS, NEWS, THE PLACES



Meet Mylou and her bar the Folys Café

Sofas, umbrellas, white wooden floor on the terrasse where « chicas » wink at you. Since four years you can drink cocktails or virgin drinks at this particular place. The brunette with an enigmatic look and a sporty line reign in this beautiful place. You can drink the house speciality : strawberry or coco mochito.

Anyway, i came here to talk about beauty with Mylou :

Her beauty ritual : doing my nails

For you a beautiful woman : must be chic

For you a handsome man : must be a gentleman

Her perfume : Anae Mori

A care product : a moisturiser ( very important for the body)

A project : a lot of projects, but where to realise them…

I am greating her for her amazing welcome and meet Coline. She is french and owns the « Libertad » shop full of hippy chic clothes and jewelry. I want to take everything. She has spent twenty years in the Caribbean before coming here in june 2016.

Her beauty ritual : doing sport everyday and do my feet and hand nails

Her cream : Nuxe

Her perfume : L’Ambre de Reminiscence

For her a beautiful woman : must have personality

For her a handsome man : must be different and have his own personality

Futur project : a guesthouse

What we can wish her for the futur : travels, love and health !

The music escapes from all these places with positive vibes, bright colors and fabrics open their wings. I am at the street Fashion Week . My eyes catch a shop full of baskets like i fancy them. They wink at me, ok let’s get in !




Address : 

Cipriano Garijo, N11

07800 Ibiza, Spain




Dany & Patricia

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