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Article published 7 novembre, 2016 at 17:44 in category : Export

The new obsession for your hair is SOINS MA PETITE COULEUR by Nicolas Felice.




Nicolas Felice finally launches its line of custom masks, to exalt, or turn the color of his hair without damaging it …

After a year of tests, Nicolas Felice launches enhancers pigments of color. « Mix with different types of collagens, pigments penetrate to the cortex to hydrate the fiber while infusing cold shades hitherto unobtainable without affecting the material. »

His well-kept secret: Empowered moisturizing agents who sneak deep into the hair, combined with unmatched pigment concentration.

Let the maestro work in the first room, then continue at home by choosing a choice among one of the proposals of Nicolas, or even better, to form a 100% customized. In this case, Nicolas operates in total affinity combination with your hair color.



Soins Ma Petite Couleur, from 40 €, Nicolas Felice, 8 rue Saint-Florentin, 75001 Paris




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