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« Take a break with… » Nataly Perfum Collector, her love for Guerlain

Article published 12 février, 2014 at 18:00 in category : Export, INTERVIEWS

DSC_06856Today, in the beauty world real miracles happen. This is what tells the story of Nataly, the woman with a lasting passion for fragrance. Nataly is a former journalist and influencial perfum collector.

How did you get this passion?

My friends introduced me to this world. But this was an environment that had already intrigued me for a while. So I started to learn and understand it by researching and reading documents on this topic. This is how I discovered the history of perfume.

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For example, the preservation of the old perfumes depends on several factors: the ingredients used, the conditions where they have been stored (with direct light or not), how it was transported … Everything has a meaning and importance.

In fact, if you compare my bottle with the ones of other collectors, it appears (in my personal opinion) that the fragrances of Guerlain were better preserved than others. Perfumes created by Jacques Guerlain « Mitsouko Shalimar » , are well known for their vintage version , when they are of a very good quality they can be found at auctions. But what attracted me most in the history of this house, was « Le Bouquet de Faunes » .

This fragrance was created in 1923 but at the time there was very little information and communication made about it. This mysterious story intrigued and interested me. It was on sale pretty long, between 1923 and 1963 , but it is hard to find these days , even at auction houses.

How did you meet Thierry Wasser ?

I was invited for the launch of the perfume « La Petite Robe Noire » by Guerlain in Moscow, which he also attended. After presenting his new fragrance and answering questions from journalists, he came to talk to the guests. So I took this opportunity to ask him about « Le Bouquet de Faunes » . I explained that I had the chance to hold a bottle designed by Rene Lalique in 1925 for Guerlain . He told me he could try to find its composition to recreate it. I could not believe it! He took my email address and told me he was going to dig into the archives of the Guerlain House . Shortly after, I received a message in which he told me he was still looking for answers. A little later he sent me over another message. Thierry informed me that he had tracked some of the composition in the archives but that it would take some time to find all of the components. We corresponded for one year. And one summer day , he said it was ready !


How did you feel at that moment?

First I couldn’t believe it … It had already been a year since we talked about this project looking through the archives, formulas, techniques. But I never imagined he would actually recreate this fragrance! When I got the bottle, my hands were shaking. It was a very emotional moment for me. I opened the bottle and I fell in love with it immediately. My intuition was not mistaken. That’s why I wanted to know so much more about this perfume « Le Bouquet de Faunes » and it became « my perfume. » Its scent is a blend of musk, amber and leather. On my warm and wet skin the fragrance notes unfold perfectly.. 


What did you tell Thierry Wasser ?

Once I gathered my thoughts after so much excitement, I wrote to tell him that it was simply sublime.

In your opinion, what were the difficulties he went through during the searching process?

You know, the original scent is very old. From the color of the fragrance left in the container bottle you can see, feel and smell only a small part of the original perfume. But there are ingredients and components that are now forbidden for use. The composition found in the archives of the house is impossible to duplicate today. Therefore we had to transcribe every note according to current guidelines. A have sort of the modern version of the fragrance. And the result is amazing! It is contemporary and vintage at the same time. I could very well imagine it being sold in a niche and modern boutique.


What did you do with this gift?

At first I thought I would keep it in a safe where I keep my most valuable objects. Then I thought, would Thierry prefer that I keep this perfume in a safe or that I wear it…? I decided it was obvious he would want me to wear it! Each perfume has a specific lifespan. By wearing it, I let it live. However I only take it out for the special occasions, I want this fragrance to only be associated with festive, happy and special events.

How would you describe the perfume in general terms?

The fragrance is a reflection of the mood and personality of the person who wears it. It highlights the traits. Fragrance is a true passion for me.


What have you learned from this experience?

My experience is the living proof that miracles do exist. When something like this happens to you, you can only believe that you have a lucky star. Yet I never thought this crazy idea would become reality. But now the fairy tale came true … it’s just magic…

It is so rare today to be able to feel these sensations. While respecting the traditions of this great fragrance House, Thierry managed to inspire and surprise his admirers. This magic is priceless!

Interview by Dasha Kolomeetc @ OOB MAG

Photographer: Irina Grigoryeva


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