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Music Album « Autour de Nina » – BY LA MAIN NUDE

Article published 15 avril, 2015 at 17:30 in category : ACTU - EVENT, ALL NEWS, Export, LA MAIN NUDE, NEWS

“Because I have loved so deeply, Because I haved loved so long, God in his great compassion, Gave me the gift of song.”
(Soundtrack : Compassion by Nina Simone. EP “Nina Simone And Piano!”)

FullSizeRenderNina , would you forgive me calling you Nina?

Nina is one of the goddesses of my Pantheon me. Like Billie . And Janis . But I will talk about these wild ladies later . They share a posthumous recognition of their daunting legacy.

They are a bit like those wild mountains, captivating and tragic that climbers dream tame but then lose life.

I’d rather lose my senses , my soul, my joys and sorrows.

Temptation was great to try covers. Some have succeeded with “brio”. Herself, made beautiful covers . When I want the sun to my day , I listen to her “Here comes the sun”, Beattles song.

Others.. Well..As Great Shaman rain ( I should also declare myself utility . Send me a desert country , let me sing the generic Ulysses 31 and the clouds around the world start crying), well, I would keep me well to judge.

Suffice to say that I hopped with impatience and curiosity the release of this album « Around Nina« …


A white album, the colorful profile and recognizable among a thousand of our enchantress.

The 10 of them have gathered to say their love Eunice Kathleen Waymon , timeless source of inspiration. To say that it is « standard » or « conventional » would reduce their scope. One of them talks about the miracle of presence. That’s what it is. Beyond all.

And so, thank you , ladies and gentlemen.

Interpretations as eclectic and unclassifiable as Nina. I will not tell you exactly who did what, I do not betray . But they all surround Nina with their devotion. Their admiration. Their tenderness.

It’s time to wrap yourself warmly in a plaid, to turn up the volume and to be swept along by piano sounds , harps, these artists and the spirit of the great Nina . Enjoy.

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