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« La Main Nude »

Article published 5 janvier, 2015 at 17:34 in category : ALL NEWS, Export, LA MAIN NUDE, NEWS

OOB chut 2bis


Story about a hand. Sometimes, two. Gosh… What a surprise !

And a nailpolish. Maybe another.. Does anyone know if hands are faithfull?

As told in song, it’s about falling in love.. again and again…

Mostly. Deeply.

Because hands love. Yes. Surely. Not said enough. It should…

Sometimes, they do not like. At all. Not often, but when they don’t, watch your ass.


This is the diary of a hand in love with the whole world. And this IS NOT a nail addict blog. Even if it start like that. We all need a “Once upon a time”..

And.. Wait.. Need a soundtrack. What would be a fairytale without music?


This blog will be in french.. But.. It could change if you ask for it !

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