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Article published 15 septembre, 2016 at 15:53 in category : ALL NEWS, Beauty, Export, MAKE UP, NEWS

After bubble eye-liner trend on Instagram, discover #helixeyeliner !







Call it a stretch, but beauty and our high school geometry class can intersect. Think about angles…

Eyeliner is ALL about the angles. Which is why the new helix eyeliner is our latest obsession. A helix eyeliner is one that goes beyond the usual wing. It’s a borderline 3D cat eye, featuring a rainbow spiral that swirls around it.

We love how innovative the technique is: Not only is the helix cat eye a supercreative way to play with a few liquid liners or eyeshadows with a fresh look, but it’s also an optical illusion!

Discover helix eyeliner for Halloween on OOBMAG too !!!






First, beauty gurus apply the standard black liner, angling it upward and out into a dramatic cat eye. Then, using a neon paint or gel liner, they carefully trace a looping thread around the line. The resulting look creates the optical illusion that the liner is three-dimensional.

Like a particularly sassy strand of DNA, the helix playfully twists around the classic liquid liner.




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