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« PREMIER CRU La Crème Riche » by Caudalie

Article published 1 avril, 2014 at 18:00 in category : ALL NEWS, Export, Skin care

La crème richeName :

PREMIER CRU La Crème Riche

Date of birth:

01 April 2014

Nationality :



Caudalie legend grows and reveals PREMIER CRU la Crème Riche, the global anti-ageing care dedicated to even the driest skin. Specially formulated to provide absolute comfort and nutrition to the most undernourished skin, this precious nectar has the same active core that PREMIER CRU Cream but associated with a 100% natural complex of 3 ultra-nutritious waxes.

How :

PREMIER CRU La Crème Riche should be applied morning and night on face and neck.


PREMIER CRU La Crème Riche assembles what the vine and grape have of rarest and most powerful for youthful skin: 3 ingredients and our home star patent dosed at their highest concentration.

Exceptional youth molecules recognized by researchers of the Faculty of Harvard, the reveratrol stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, replenishes the skin by increasing its thickness to fill wrinkles from within and extends the life of cells for a longer more youthful skin.

Viniferine, 62 times more effective than vitamin C, extracted from the sap of the vine, can correct and prevent the appearance of spots and restore skin radiance.

Polyphenols grape seed, strongest antioxidants of the vegetable world, act as an anti-radical shield stopping 80% of what causes premature skin ageing.

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