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« Cinq Monde Coffee Cream »

Article published 30 mars, 2014 at 18:00 in category : Export, Skin care

Cinq Mondes Cr mecf -newokName :


Date of Birth:

30 March 2014



Why :

« A combination of the fat burning action of caffeine and the slimming powers of green Coffee and Kola nut to fight against cellulite caused by excess fat storage! »

How :

Formulated with ingredients that help to eliminate adipose tissues, Crème de Café® improves the silhouette and effectively smoothes the skin. The pure Caffeine, Kola Nut and green Coffee extracts drain toxins and promote the elimination of fat. Grapefruit acids tone and firm the skin. Apply Crème de Café® daily using gentle circular massaging movements on problem areas. For best results use a scrub prior to applying this product to increase penetration of the ingredients.

Results :

Regular massage with Crème de Café® stimulates the microcirculation to improve drainage and help the elimination of fats and toxins. Résults in 4 weeks only : – 28% of cellulite

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