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Article published 8 août, 2016 at 18:29 in category : ALL NEWS, Beauty, NEWS, Skin care

In the last OOBMAG#6,  HYDRATENTATION serie used few cosmetics to feel you beautiful

Focus on these skincare products…



Photographer : Cyril Lagel, Atristic director Make-Up : Jabe, Model: Ines Garcia @ Marilyn Agency, Coordination : Mélanie Perego assisted by Naomi O’Donnell




biotherm-aquasource-everplump-gel-repulpeur-de-peau_171036_680x680Aquasource Everplump,PLUMPING SMOOTHING MOISTURIZER BIOTHERM:

The new daily moisturizer that plumps skin up. New highly dense gel texture so plumping even fine lines are pushed away. Full of moisture, replenished and strengthened, skin gets incredible smoothness.
A breakthrough texture feels like a gel but 2X more charged in active ingredients vs. Biotherm regular moisturizer. Blue Hyaluron, a natural Hyaluronic Acid plumper born from aquatic biology, glycerine and further hydrating actives, penetrate fast.

In 1 week skin feels smoother & Fully Hydrated from morning to evening.
In 4 weeks skin is so plumping, even fine lines are pushed away. Hydration so powerful, women say they worry less about signs of aging.







Payot_hydra24baumeenmasqueHydra 24+, Baume-en-Masque, PAYOT:

Super hydrating comforting mask with Hydro Defence complex

Super moisturising and comfor ting care, ideal for treating the skin to a moisturising bath. In just a few minutes, this ultra-fresh balm-emulsion moisturises thirsty skin, intensely nourishes the most dehydrated skin, and procures comfort and softness.



clarins Booster Detox, CLARINS:

Skincare boosters are a new innovation from Clarins. The real-time answer to your occasional beauty needs linked to your lifestyle & environment. The Detox Booster is a high-concentrate formula specifically designed to target damaged skin. If your skin is suffering from the effects of a smokey environment, many late nights or even from the effects of pollution, the Detox Booster could be the right one for you. The Detox Booster is designed to reverse these effects ultimately achieving revived radiance and detoxified plumped skin. The Detox Booster has a unique application process that is both quick and easy. Simply add a couple of drops into your favourite Face Cream, Mask or Foundation. Use for a day, a week or a month depending on your skin’s needs. Boosters come in 3 different types, Energy, Repair and Detox.



Dior One Essential Mist Lotion_ One Essential Mist-Lotion, Dior:


One Essential Mist-Lotion is the first hybrid lotion1 with a triple anti-pollution action of cleansing, rebalancing and detoxifying. Targeting 100% of particles on the skin’s surface, its light and air-whipped texture also delivers instant freshness, awakening the complexion.
In a single spray, the skin is free from toxins


creme-silicium-thalgoSilicium cream, THALGO:

The Silicium Cream fills in wrinkles, nourishes your skin and helps restore its firmness while working to re-sculpt the contours of the face.

Marine Silicium Complex

Moisturises, smoothes, fills in

Helps restore density, re-firms

Meristotheca dakarensis + Jania rubens Algae

Help protect the skin?s hyaluronic acid

Matrixyl 6

Helps boost the production of hyalluronic acid and collagen




Biotherme @ LOreal_AQUA GELEE packAqua-Gelée corps, BIOTHERM:

Ultra Fresh Body Replenisher :

No fuss, no stick gel for ultra-fresh body hydration in an instant. Cool relief for tired limbs. Water jelly formulation bursts onto skin, cooling while moisturizing and continuing to hydrate for up to 48-hours. Skin is luminous all-over. The total body cooldown: After work, in the heat, thirsty skin is quenched & ready-to-go in no time. As hydrating as milk, Aqua-Gelée nourishes even extra dry zones: feet, hand or cuticles.




KIEHLS Cactus Flower & Tibetan Ginseng Hydrating Mist, KIEL’S:

A cooling, refreshing formula that purifies and hydrates your skin, breathing new life into your complexion with every spritz.

An instant boost on-the-go!

Formulated with Cactus Flower to keep skin hydrated even under dry conditions, and Tibetan Ginseng to increase skin-cell respiration, this formula helps skin maintain its essential moisture to keep it soft and smooth.

A potent blend of Lavender, Geranium and Rosemary essential oils detoxify and protect skin from environmental aggressors.





Full serie is in the last OOB MAG #6, available on the online shop



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