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Article published 25 novembre, 2016 at 18:01 in category : ALL NEWS, Beauty, Export, FAVORITES, MAKE UP, NEWS

OOB MAG new obsession is lip switch , the holographic lip gloss by Sigma Beauty!


By Devi B. Thiounn


Since few months, the holographic trend invaded us and social media and we discovered this fabulous gloss!

Discover this famous holographic in tube, you’ll never want to do without !




Lip switch lip gloss by Sigma Beauty with Mercury velvetines by Lime Crime


Lip Switch is very practical. You can use it in different ways.  

On naked lips, it will bring an ultra-shine and fascinating touch with the multiple iridescent reflections to your smile..
If you want more originality, an infinite combination exists…. 
We experienced by mixing light, dark and different colors of lip switch.
Don’t hesitate to compose your own look !!!
Go on instagram, it is brimming with ideas.

OOB Mag tested for you 2 combinations, on naked lips and by mixing colors.


 img_5865                                    img_5946

Lip Switch is perfect for day and night!!

Another positive point, it’s formulated without paragons, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, casein.

Discover these 5 Lip Switch and adopt high shine lips with an « eye-catching surprise when the lights hits your smile »

Double Whammy: Green and lavender duo-chrome

Flip-Flop: Fiery orange holographic finish

Other Worldly: Frosty green gloss

Pink Lotus: Bold, prismatic pink

Transcend: Cool, purple opal tones




You can find them on 






Devi for OOB Magazine

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