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Article published 27 juin, 2017 at 15:50 in category : ALL NEWS, Beauty, NEWS, Skin care


Organic ingredients […] are carefully manufactured by the Spa itself.

On my way to discover Hierbas De Ibiza.

Thirty minutes from the city center, it’s a place full of nature where you completely escape from the routine traffic and pollution. I’m ready to live a nice sensory experience where the master of the place welcome me in his workshop.






Torres is a family institution founded in 1965 by two brothers. « Torres » were jewelers by profession who decided to create their eau de cologne and aftershave products to complete their jewelry collection. Hierbas De Ibiza has been founded later by the three brothers and sister, sons of Antonio Torres’s jeweler.

Antonio is one of the descendants who has put his feet in the jewelry’s universe, but discovered his vocation in the fragrance industry. The visit of his workshop get me inside a room where are disposed all necessary tools for the manufacture of his products : a metallic mold to create the bottle glass, a metal patronage used for the cut of the packaging cardboard, a mold used to mark the old-soap (a decade) and a machine to mix the bath salts with essential oils. Every detail is thought up to packaging. It’s classic but it has been chosen in a impeccable quality and realized in collaboration with Antonio’s sisters, Isabel(designer) , and Mercedes who reinterpreted and helped to improve the products.




History is a part of Hierbas de Ibiza’s life by following Antonio’s grandfather steps. Sailor from Ibiza, he was leading in 1915 the Brick-Goéllette  » Matilde » during the commercial trips towards Havana, New York and other countries.

The packaging show a design selected for its particularities with the island: the goddess Tanit with the specific maxim of Ibiza which circle his portrait  » Tot mon cor feis alegrar « -you make my heart happy. The little lizard Ibiza’s emblem, is also on the package.

Magic moment : I open the bottle and discover a unique perfume. I close my eyes and breath a divine fragrance and live a moment of complete happiness. It’s a bit the memory of the perfume of childhood wrapping you with a particular softness.





The elaboration of a perfume is an art which require patience and persistence

The climate of Ibiza is an important advantage allowing to grow necessary’s plantation to create the perfume : the sage, rosemary, thyme, and orange flowers ( only bought in Spain). They use a majority of natural ingredients, and are addicted to Adlib’s fashion created in 1971 and inspired by the artisanal and natural things. Antonio and Pele Torres were members of Adlib fashion.




Visiting the garden must be done, as all of these plants are growing at the back of the workshop. Organized and protected, they take a bath of light. From distillation to extraction of the essential oils, everything is realized in his laboratory. We are far away from the turbulences of the life, and here I can smell Ibiza , the real one, the one living, the freedom and the harmony. Let’s discover the entire line of Hierbas de Ibiza : a cologne water, bath salts, soaps, shower gel, and Antonio’s proud a concrete solid eau de cologne in a 100% silver box in limited edition. I am sure that one day I will let myself tempted.

Hierbas de Ibiza is sold in the entire world. A quarter of his sale are made in the European Union, and if you go to the Vatican, you will find for sure that sacred perfume.

The elaboration of a perfume is an art which require patience, persistence and needs a long work. Antonio is permanently looking for various touches to distinguish himself from the other brands that are using a lot of synthetic ingredients.


His own’s luxury ? stay authentic and natural. His goal ? always discover new things and new projects. His perfume ? Hierbas de Ibiza because we must be our own ambassador .The beauty for a man ? integrity and personality. For a woman ? be a beautiful and generous woman. A project ? perfume and travels.

Three hours have past, I haven’t seen the time gone by. I think it stopped at this perfume’s world doors where I discovered an amazing person, passionate, true and completely in love with his island. I have quite a problem to leave this heaven. Ibiza is really an authentic island and I believe  » Merlin l’enchanteur  » probably stopped there.

About Hierbas de Ibiza ? it’s a luxury that I recommend without moderation.



Official website : 


Contact and Address : 

Hierbas de Ibiza 

Ctra. de San Juan km 13,100 | POB nº 1

07812 San Lorenzo de Balafia, Ibiza

Tel: +34.971.325.301 | Fax: +34.971.325.292


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