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Article published 25 octobre, 2016 at 14:56 in category : Export, NEWS




After years of development and testing, Pearson Knight has created and released the perfect formulas to achieve everyday beauty with high-fashion performance. PK by Pearson Knight is a reflection of Pearson’s nomadic lifestyle, sense of adventure, and honest values. This product line allows one to express creativity, all while being free spirited and playful. With a mantra of “nothing matters, but everything counts,” Knight is all about breaking stereotypes and inspiring his consumers to live free.






The product line includes:

Beach Grit volume & texture spray – It allows you to enhance natural waves by misting damp or dry hair from the root to tip.
Good for: Looking like your hair is on vacation – at the beach
Pairs with: Straight Shine for the perfect blowout
Price: $28

Sculpture Foam curl and styling elixir – It provides weightless definition, volume and strong hold distribution.
Good for: Keeping high fashion looks under control — for real
Pairs with: Straight Shine for a voluminous blowout
Price: $36

Straight Shine blowout lotion – It gives you the perfect blowout look by applying into hands and distributing evenly through damp hair and then blow drying.
Good for: Getting straight to the point.
Pairs with: Beach Grit for more volume and response with your blow dry
Price: $36

Texture Mud tame and texture pomade – It helps you achieve effortless texture by applying into palms and working through damp or dry hair to define and shape.
Good for: Skipping the shower and heading straight to the party.
Pairs with: Sculpture Foam for stronger shaping and hold.
Price: $28

Prices range from $28-$36. Products can be found at the PK by Pearson Knight website.

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