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Camelia Jordana – « Gold diva » – Christian Attuly

Article published 3 juin, 2013 at 20:48 in category : Celebrities, MAG #0

Christian Attuly

Hair stylist : Christian Attuly

– What does « too much is not enough » mean to you ?

For me this sentence will be the question I’m asking myself when I finish a haircut. And as I’m often wondering this, it means that there is something missing, for example volume, texture or color.

– About your shooting, how did you work on it and how did you approach the subject?

About this serie, the idea was to transform Camelia Jordana to a Rocky Modern Times Cleopatra with the inspiration of the Egyptians graphic drawings. And as the topic was “too much is not enough”, it has to be more extravagant so I choose an African texture which breaks “the codes”, and more volume with very straight lines to keep the graphic aspect.


After a standard education, Christian honed his hair-dressing skills in a salon for 10 years before a photographer gave him his first opportunity to work in a studio environment. The effect was liberating and led him to see his work in another light and to express his ideas more openly.

Christian’s approach to hairdressing often uses characteristic geometric styles, but it also focuses on the raw material – the hair itself – and its volume. His work is in great demand in the fashion and advertising worlds.


Camelia Jordana Gold Diva

Camelia Jordana


Camelia Jordana


Camelia Jordana


Photographer: Bérengère Valognes

Realisation: Jabe

Talent : Camelia Jordana

Makeup: Jabe @ B Agency

Hair: Christian Attuly @ B Agency


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