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Article published 28 août, 2014 at 17:16 in category : Beauty, Fashion, SUBMISSIONS

julia javel

Headpiece Vintage, dress ETIENNE JEANSON, necklace ON AURA TOUT VU, rosary Vintage

julia javel

Left: Headpiece MIRA’BELLE, necklace ON AURA TOUT VU, embroidered top HIP POPE – Right: Headpiece MIRA’BELLE, dress IRIS CANTABRI, top YVES SAINT LAURENT, globe VIVIENNE WESWOOD

julia javel

Left: necklace worn as a headdress NEW LOOK, necklace and dress ON AURA TOUT VU, rosary Vintage – Right: Crown and bracelets ON AURA TOUT VU, Collar AUDRA, embroded top HIP POPE, Ring TOPSHOP

julia javel

 Feathers jacket ETIENNE JEANSON, embroded top HIP POPEearrings H&M

julia javel


Left: Headpiece Vintage, necklace ON AURA TOUT VU, dress ETIENNE JEANSON – Right: Suit AUDRA, rings SOWAT and H&M, rosaries Vintage, belt Vintage

julia javel


Left: Top GEOFFREY MINGOT, golden skirt Dress GALLERY, Earrings and ring HIP POPE, necklace ON AURA TOUT VU, bracelets COS, H&M and ON AURA TOUT VU – Right: Earrings HIP POPE, heart necklace ON AURA TOUT VU


Photographer : JULIA JAVEL

Fashion stylists : DIANE CABASSE and TARA ZIEGFELD

Make up artist : MARIE NICOLAS

Hair stylist : SADEK L



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