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Article published 23 avril, 2015 at 14:02 in category : ALL NEWS, BEAUTY SECRETS, Export, FAVORITES, LA MAIN NUDE, NEWS


« J’aime regarder les filles qui marchent sur la plage, Leurs poitrines gonflées par le désir de vivre, Leurs yeux qui se détournent quand tu les regardes »
Soundtrack : J’aime regarder les filles by Patrick Coutin. Single « J’aime regarder les filles»

defM2 beauté

« What? You go to Venice Beach and you not have your doe eyes ? But not allo what? »

And yeah, used 2 years later, this sentence, pronounced by a real famous chick ( Nabilla.. You don’t know who’s that girl? No big deal, believe me…) is not cheesy but vintage !

Vintage like Los Angeles where I walked around … Lost but ready to face any opportunity .. Especially to put a spell on the men in red bath suits posted in the shadow of their hut at the edge of the sea, two magic bullets:

-Having Pamela’s boobs ( challenge out of my reach .. )

-Have Bambi eyes .. (achievable!) .. Let’s go for this second solution !

For this, two absolute weapons :

My liner M2 Beauty and its little techno- metal brush.. Oh, I hear you moanning .. « But there’s already Revitalash and Talika.. In a quick once over with the brush you got your 10 meters eyelashes and blah and blah and blah  » …


And well no . Or rather, not only .. Because the night when you are dozy and you try to put your little magic product , there’s no one at home… Then, bam, you miss two or three lashes. That way, you got Frodo and the seven dwarfs lost among giants eyelashes. You’re less in mood for laughing imagining this happening all over your eyelids !

Let me explain all you have to do : in short , after the soft liner that delivers the right amount of fertilizer , and permeates the lazy roots of your future atomic weapons , you use the small rake that will gain everything without missing any hair .. sorry .. eyelash ( amazing how the choice of vocabulary is important .. )

So ultra simple packaging, extremely simple logo, the German brand has thought a short, firm brush (no way to miss ..), an odorless, non-greasy texture for active M2Lashes serum that stimulates the growth of eyelashes. But for that, we need to be regularity (EACH AND EVERY night) and patience (about 6 months ..).

What’s in there? Full of swear words: DND something from research ophthalmology, which increases the number of eyelashes by enabling their growth and delaying their fall, Biotin ( kind of vitamin B7), hyaluronic acid, Prodew 300, the glycosaminoglycans.

Still with me? There is also the small metal rake, which is a little scary, but that comes with a nice explanatory drawing (German are pragmatic ..)

The price is quite high, the product exclusively sold at Colette’s store, but that seems worthwhile!

I am so willing to bet that there will be new addicts that here’s a secret, sweethearts : I’ll talk to you later in the products M2 facial, to make the brand new eyes, clean eyes and M2 Brows, for Frida Kahlo’s eyebrows (or Cara’s according to the tastes!).

La main nude for OOB


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