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Article published 7 mai, 2015 at 15:00 in category : ALL NEWS, BEAUTY SECRETS, Export, LA MAIN NUDE, NEWS, Skin care


« C’est l’amour à la plage (aou cha-cha-cha), Et mes yeux dans tes yeux (aou aou), Baisers et coquillages (aou cha-cha-cha), Entre toi et le bleu (aou aou) »
Soundtrack : L’amour à la plage by Niagara. EP « Encore un dernier baiser»

That moment when you learn (by the voices in your head ..) that your next trip .. Eenie meenie miny moe… Your next trip will be Los Angeles City!

S.O.S ! What ??? A place where girls in bikini, tanned all year round, manicured like a Barbie doll and blow dried up to the neurons and lashes will give you the impression to be a tramp at the exit of the Paris ring road ??

Worse! Your hair, vital in our hostile and cold country ( Well.. I mean… Stashed under pants and socks cause no one cares) howl: the death penalty exists for the hair in the USA. By uprooting with wax, hanging over, electrocute with laser, beheading with razor ..

Anxiety: a whole body to pimp “rapido presto”! And an organic pimp please because we’ll travel in the country of fake where it is fashionable to use not tested on animals or free chemical products …

Take a deep breathe, ORGANIQUE cosmetics and their natural products are here to save you! Hallelujah!

defOrganique-2First, small presentation of this brand : Organique is a pioneer in natural cosmetics in Poland. For over 14 years , this brand produces natural cosmetics, healthy and environmentally friendly for body, hair and face. She is also involved in fair trade . But now let’s get serious.

First step : the cleansing foam body with essential oils, that comes in a crazy highligther carrot color! Carefully applying this strange texture whose smell is between sparkling Fanta and fresh orange zest and ground to get a nice foam that cleanses and nourishes ultimate dry skin and turn it into silky flesh …

Second step: It plunges its hands in an anti-aging butter. Texture is strange, elastic and plumpy (if you still do not see, just try, it’s worth it!) ..Texture, initially, urges caution .. After the highlight orange, this marshmallow under fingers, is funny .. And your reluctance vanishes.

The scent transports you to your childhood candies grape flavored, that left you with a funny blue tongue .. But let’s be a bit serious.

This little wonder is a nutritious bomb to your body. Cocoa butter and shea Alliance, spiced with grape oil rebuilt your lipid barrier (Yes! Oh Yes!) And further argan oil whose virtues are not to list, this formula is enriched with patent COLHIBIN, consisting of rice protein (it accelerates skin repair process).In short, you have 5 years in your head, but applied to your skin, this cream is absorbed in a second ( just say it for busy girls…) and you can get dressed and fly to work like Wonder woman .. Or run to LA beaches to meet lifeguards … Up to you!

La main nude for OOB.

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