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Article published 26 janvier, 2015 at 12:28 in category : ALL NEWS, Export, LA MAIN NUDE, NEWS




« Tous les cris les S.O.S., partent dans les airs, dans l’eau laissent une trace, dont les écumes font la beauté »

Soundtrack : «Tous les cris les S.O.S. » by Daniel Balavoine. EP « Sauver l’amour ». 






That’s it, that’s LA Fashion Week !

I confess, my mind went crazy. First song coming to my mind was that french oldie by Michel Fugain “Attention Mesdames et Messieurs”.

Stop it immediately shout at me my pores . Have you become deaf, can’t you hear us crying at loud? Keep your starlights and give us a miracle trick for us to breathe again.

Yes, I know , my pores are more sensitive (and rude) when it comes to their comfort .

And the magic trick , I got it guys. Speechless , huh!

The miracle trick used by all makeup artists and all skins they’re working on, is that bottle with pink cap that makes the skin smooth, smooth an smoother , Crealine H20 TS . For Very Dry Sensitive Skin .




First, it’s blanky bottle. All curvy and pinkness .And especially, it eliminates all traces of makeup . Even the most persistent.

But not only. It is actually part of the daily ritual of any healthy skin. Morning and evening. To cleanse… Beware … Chaste Ears, we’ll even use a forbidden word in the Kingdom of girly girls : impurities !

And as this little water is shielded with moisturizing, soothing and decongestants et active ingredients, , no double effect of the make-up removal.. What do you ask for ?

Then, pores, purring fun?

La main nude for OOB 


Links and credits:

Cleansers Créaline TS H2O de Bioderma

Nailpolish: MILANI MLN-40

Nervous breakdown  » Caution ladies and gentlemen  » FUGAIN AND BIG BAZAR


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