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Article published 16 juin, 2015 at 13:53 in category : ALL NEWS, Beauty, Export, MAKE UP, NEWS




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Between a traditional adobe house in Luxor and his dahabieh, a classical Egyptian sailboat on the Nile, Christian Louboutin has crystallized his love of Egypt, a country he has cherished and claimed as a second home.

The mythology and culture of Ancient Egypt have influenced both the designer’s life and his work in many ways. Most recently, he found his muse in a key piece of Egyptian iconography, the scarab beetle. This creature, sacred to the Pharaohs, led him to create his latest contribution to the world of beauty: the Scarabée Limited Edition Collection.

Christian Louboutin had already invoked the scarab by way of a precious clasp on his Khepira bag collection for Spring 2014, but this time rather than the shape, it was the iridescence and wonder of the beetles that inspired three new shades of nail colour. “They can look beautiful and reflective under the bright sun but also look like a precious jewel by night,” says the designer.

This is another chapter in the marriage of fashion and beauty for the brand as well, as Louboutin developed a new patent leather – Scarabée Ocean-Amazone, a shiny blue-to-green patent degradé – directly inspired by Scarabée II Nail Colour.

The limited edition comes in three colours, where the pigment and pearls have the ability to reflect two or more shades at once:

Scarabee_Group_1 hdScarabée I – a soft metallic flecked with shades of rose and gold

Scarabée II – a deep blue with flashes of purple, emerald, and gold

Scarabée III – a bronze with highlights of green and blue

The bottles are topped with a tall, copper gold cap, and are encased in brown cartons adorned with a copper gold scarab motif with a cut-out window to reveal the nail colour nestled within.


Pricing: $50 each 

Available in stores in June 15 in limited edition.


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