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Article published 27 juin, 2017 at 17:03 in category : ALL NEWS, NEWS


Campos de Ibiza

The legendary brand of « made in méditerranée » is undoubtedly one of the best known on the Iberian territory, Campos de Ibiza, was born of the friendship between a French soldier and his female a prisoner in Spain during World War II. For her, paradise on earth is Ibiza, this island that she will make him discover after the war and which he will fall in love. Camilla, her daughter, is also charmed by this place and decides to develop artisanal perfumes from her garden … here is the birth of Campos de Ibiza

Today, Aurélie Kahn Delrieu the daughter of Camilla and director of the brand gives us an interview:

The brand: It is authentic, natural and global.

The difference with the other brands: Campos de Ibiza is transmitted from generation to generation, highlighting the magic of the island.

The target : This is a global target, especially cedar which is more for men, or our fragrance with a very young and modern fig. The client is local, national and international.

What’s new in your brand? Since the end of July, we have sold  100 grams of  Verbena as well as Citron soap. We also inaugurated the candle size XXL as well as the oshiboris.

Why these novelties? My love for the island allows me to create according my desires. If the customer is seduced, then I am grateful, for now the recipe works.

How do you develop a new fragrance? I have a year to develop a perfume. Mandarin and cedar were created by my mother, afterwards, already possessing fruity and woody scents, I wanted to bring a floral touch to the range, hence the birth of the « rose » line. And « jasmine » is linked to the white color of the island of Ibiza. The idea of ​​the fig came to me thanks to the fig tree that was right in front of my room that I am seeing every morning. Finally with the almond line, I wanted to evoke the beauty of almond trees.




Your vision of your brand: My perfumes are linked to a pleasant and rewarding moment and I am very demanding on the quality of service and attention to detail. This philosophy has, in my opinion, strongly contributed to the success of the brand.

Where are your best customers? In Holland.

Where would you like to open a shop outside Spain? London

Your future projects? Developing all the soap fragrances and creating new ones. Restyling our products by changing the packaging and inventing new bottles. Even if Campos de Ibiza is already present in more than 20 countries, I want to develop progressively and surely the international market that will be done through trade shows.

What is a beautiful woman for you? : The most natural possible, without artifices, who accepts itself as it is.

Your everyday beauty routine? In the morning, I use a face cleanser from the brand Lubex, followed by a day cream and make-up.

What beauty advice can you give to women? Never forget make-up  removal and use washable sponge squares.

This is the end of this sweet and colorful olfactory journey. Ibiza is also his garden open to the future, constantly evolving, means freedom, creation, glamor and refinement.



Official website :


Contact and address : 

Campos de Ibiza

Marina Botafoch, Ibiza.

Phone: (+34) 971 191 954


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