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Article published 26 février, 2015 at 18:00 in category : ALL NEWS, Export, LA MAIN NUDE, NEWS




“For every street of any scene, Any place you’ve never been, I’ll be your guide”

Soundtrack : U Turn Lili par AaRON. Album “Artificial Animals Riding On Neverland »






While I was snooping around the kit of a dear makeup artist of mine, I fell upon white brushes and rose gold. Hands like brushes because they caress. As light and soft feathers .

Usually, brushes are austere . Yes, austere. Black and make of steel. With varnishes dots saying  » this one is mine . » The only brushes that find favor in my eyes are the Japanese brushes. I love them.

Good thing a small registration ends to capture me : Kabuki . So yes, I surrender even if Sigma Beauty is an American brand .



I can make it ultra technique. Mega pro. Technical terms and practical advices. Kabuki Brush 3DHD patented Sigma . Designed for perfect application . Ridge , double wedge flat surface, sharp point head . For liquids, creams and powders . Effortlessly. density of the synthetic fibers and top quality . So great that pros and beauty addicts get both love it. So great that we must order it from States . And yeah !

But Tom Pecheux get out from my body. But I ‘m pretty like Pat McGrath. Who doesn’t like to use brushes. By choice. Me, cause I don’t have the choice. Even if I try, I don’t know how to deal with a brush. So reasons for my heart stroke are a thousand times simpler : it provides fast product application, but mostly it’s smooth, it doesn’t loose its hair, it’s suitable for the beginner that I am and mostly, it’s so good looking!

Nah I ‘m not talking about Choupette Lagerfeld. My brush is even better : no need caviar’s croquettes !

La Main Nude for OOB Mag


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Brush 3DHD Kabuki SIGMA



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