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Boris Bidjan Saberi AW16 Collection

Article published 31 janvier, 2016 at 18:37 in category : ACTU - EVENT, ALL NEWS, Export, Fashion

Diving into a leather world…



Boris Bidjan Saberi carries us beyond a travel in the universe of leather. His new collection « SQUADRON » makes reference to parachutes.

“My inspiration always goes beyond the static form, because I am more interested in the story behind the product,” Saberi explained backstage , recounting factory visits where he studied how parachutes are made.

This collection takes the form of different shades of grey, beige with deep black touches.

“I don’t think my job is just about dressing men nicely. I want them to feel comfortable and strong and nice and sexy. But in the end, I think my job is to push my brain and make people think.”

Boris Bidjan Saberi




© Marcus Tondo


Next season will bring us in a search of adventure in a secret story behind material.


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