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Best Beauty Instagram of the week #2

Article published 13 novembre, 2016 at 3:29 in category : ALL NEWS, Beauty, Export

Every week, discover a selection of the best of beauty seen on Instagram ! 



The best moments of the beauty via instagram start with Victoria Beckham at the other side of the world getting ready for her presentation pre-spring 2017 in Hong-Kong. 
Then, we stop at special night celebrating 11 years of the legacy of #WomenofWorth with L’oréal Professionnel and celebrities, beauty icons as Karlie Kloss. 

Meanwhile, @mpnails reveals her novelty with Nike logo. 
Strass and glitters are omnipresent, international, take a look at Michael Anthony and Project Glitter!

With the wave of the holographic, and the new obsession of LIPSWITCH by Sigma Beauty, brushes become unicorns with Unicorn Lashes. 

A beauty of another time is here!
We return to the basic item with Lady Gaga and her red lipstick and to the revealed dark side of Kristen Stewart. 


See you next week !!!



01-best-beauty-instagrams-victoriabeckham                                                  02-best-beauty-instagrams-adwoaaboah

@victoriabeckham                                                                        @adwoaaboah




capture-decran-2016-11-24-a-02-43-31                            kristen-stewart-beauty

@projekt_glitter                                                                 @thekristenstewart @haidbyadir











07-best-beauty-instagrams-mpnails                                     04-best-beauty-instagrams-manthony783


@mpnails                                                                         @manthony783





03-best-beauty-instagrams-ladygaga                       capture-decran-2016-11-24-a-02-47-13


@ladygaga                                                                        @unicornlashesuk

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