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Don’t talk anymore about her body, Barbie is changing !

Article published 29 janvier, 2016 at 16:28 in category : ACTU - EVENT, ALL NEWS, Export, Fashion, NEWS

Forget classic and despised 92-46-84 ! Barbie measurements are changing to look like women sizes of our world.




Since 4 years, Mattel sales declined due to critics around the famous doll. The king of toy decided to move with the times and to change his iconic Barbie to be the reflection of real women.





In March 2016, Curvy, little or tall Barbie dolls will add to the original one. They will be declined in 7 skin tones too.





“The millennial mom is a small part of our consumer base,” says Evelyn Mazzocco, head of the Barbie brand, “but we recognize she’s the future.”

“Ultimately, haters are going to hate. We want to make sure the Barbie lovers love us more — and perhaps changing the people who are negative to neutral. That would be nice.” added Chief Operating Officer Richard Dickson.

It seems that new Barbie could save Mattel…




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