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Alina’s Flowers : Exclusive Interview for Valentine’s day

Article published 11 février, 2016 at 16:02 in category : ALL NEWS, Export, Fashion, FAVORITES, INTERVIEWS, NEWS

OOB Mag met Alina Baikova, the founder of Alina’s Flowers… 


 Alina's Flowers


« Hi Alina,
First of all thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview because I know you’re constantly travelling and flying in one direction or another …


– Can you explain to our readers who you are? Where do you come from?
Hi Jabe,
Thank you so much for having me talk about my projects.
I’m a model, a philanthropist and a business woman from Ukraine. I’m currently living in NY.



– How did you start your modeling career?
It’s a long story.
I was discovered in my hometown in the restaurant where I was working. I had been working there as a waitress since the end of high school. I had to work and earn money as my family was very poor and they couldn’t afford to pay for my studies.




– You and I have been friends for a while now, but I want you to talk to me about a project that holds a special place in your heart and which seduced me completely…
Yes, we’ve known each other for a long time. I’m glad we became so close and stayed in touch as you are such an inspiration to me. I love your creative mind.
My project Alina’s Flowers  is an app for IPhone, with which you can CREATE YOUR OWN BOUQUET of real flowers or choose one which is READYMADE. You can make a selfie for the greeting card and write whatever you feel like without being shy.
Delivery in 24h only in Europe and UK for now


– What makes this project so special?
I love to receive and send flowers. Going on websites is a bit complicated and it always takes a long time.
The choice is very limited. You never get the same bouquet as the one you ordered.
You can never say in the greeting card what you feel, as it is someone else who writes.
So all this I didn’t like so I created Alina’s Flowers to make sending Flowers easier as I’m very old school and I don’t want these traditions to die.
And our Flowers are coming fresh straight from Amsterdam.


– How does it work?
It’s the easiest way of sending flowers you could ever imagine.
You can pick any flower you want and you can see it. Normally we don’t know all the names of the flowers and we keep ordering the same ones all the time.
It is connected to your address book so you don’t have to type in the full address.
The flowers come straight from Amsterdam, which is the biggest flower market in the world.


AF poser


– Where is it available?
Only in Europe and UK for now


– Any idea for lovers on Valentine’s Day? How could they use your application?
Every bouquet from Alina’s Flowers can be used for the loved ones on this special Day. The only suggestion I can make is to order it a bit in advance



– What are your next projects? New adventures in perspective?
We sponsor a lot of charities with Alina’s Flowers like the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, The Heart Fund, Amfar and many more


Now some more questions about « OOB » …
– In your opinion what defines the beauty of a woman?
The woman, like the flower, represents beauty.
– What is your beauty secret?
Drink a lot of water, no meat, no alcohol – a healthy lifestyle


– And one last question … When Will You Make a beauty story In OOB With Your gorgeous flowers And Your fabulous smile?
I can’t wait to shoot a story with My flowers for OOB as it’s one of my favorite magazines. I just wish it was published at least twice a year.


– Thank You Alina!
Thank You Jabe! »


©  Alina’s Flowers

Jabe for oobmag


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