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Article published 6 juillet, 2016 at 18:16 in category : ALL NEWS, Beauty, Export, NEWS, Skin care





ADDUNA BEAUTÉ is a new brand of high-quality, natural, hand-made beauty soaps. They combine authenticity with the richness of raw materials from Africa and Asia.

ADDUNA BEAUTÉ’s first collection is made of 3 cold-processed soaps. These high-quality natural beauty soaps pamper all skins, whatever their type, colour or beauty routine.




ADDUNA BEAUTE’s natural beauty soaps are cold-processed. This traditional technique is more respectful of the raw materials used and thus of the skin. Thanks to this traditional, sustainable technique the soaps meet the skin’s daily needs and enhance its beauty. And of course, all its ingredients are natural, no synthetics or harsh materials and no animal fats.

Cold-process saponification : this hand-made production process requires precision and patience. It differs from conventional industrial fabrication process because the oils are not – or minimally – heated.

The natural glycerin, produced during this sustainable practice, and the high quality of the raw materials gently restore and protect the skin’s hydrolipidic film after using ADDUNA BEAUTE soap.

Each beauty soap combines 6 or 7 ingredients with recognised qualities that will gently cleanse, maintain hydration and deeply nourish the skin. Once cleansed, the skin remains soft and comfortable, whatever the type or needs (normal, combination or dry, damaged, sensitive or fragile skins). Each beauty soap contains a unique blend of :

-  1 type of oil and 1 type of butter to nourish and provide extra long-lasting moisturisation,

-  Essential oils bringing their delicate natural perfume,

-  Natural pigments giving radiant original colours (brick-red, sunny orange and green)


Mother Nature’s richness from AFRICA and ASIA

In many African countries shea butter belongs to people’s daily routine throughout life, from an early age. Codou Cissé, ADDUNA BEAUTE’s founder could personally enjoy this precious gift of Nature since she was born from Senegalese parents. Shea butter is, among other properties, highly emollient, rich in fatty acids and vitamins. Knowing its qualities she chose to include minimum 15% of shea butter in all her soaps.

ADDUNA BEAUTE is established near to Paris and also produces its beauty soaps there too. ADDUNA BEAUTE definitely adopts a cosmopolitan attitude and reveals itself as a “melting-pot” by selecting high- quality raw materials from all continents, mostly fair trade and organic. Their goal is to restore damaged skins and take care of them for life.

-  vegetable oils and butter : shea, castor, sesame, tigernut, macadamia, jojoba, coco, cocoa,…

-  essential oils : tea tree, Atlas cedar, ginger, patchouli, Ylang-ylang,…

-  red, white, green clays and rocou powder




It represents a life philosophy. « Tiey àdduna » – that’s life. « Li ci àdduna » – It takes all things to make a world.

Knowing about the raw materials and products we put on our skin also means becoming aware of our world.

That’s why ADDUNA BEAUTE is building an ambitious sustainable procurement policy, selecting mostly organic raw materials, giving priority to direct purchase from smaller or alternative players. ADDUNA BEAUTE selects each ingredient for its qualities and also because it contributes to a more balanced world, by generating additional revenues to communities. Most ingredients are harvested by women and men who earn their living this way.

Adduna means « world, life, nature » in Wolof, one of the main spoken languages in Senegal (Western Africa).

ADDUNA BEAUTE’s first collection

These 3 cold-processed, ultra-moisturising soaps gently and thoroughly cleanse the skin. They are suitable for all types and skin colors.



peau neuve


Peau Neuve: this beauty soap is made of shea butter, castor, sesame, tigernut oils; naturally colored with green and white clays. This beauty soap is soft, moisturising, freshly scented with Atlas cedar, tea tree and litsea essential oils. Peau Neuve has been specifically formulated to take care of oily or blemished skins. Peau Neuve leaves the skin soft, fresh and radiant.




(Re)Source: this beauty soap features a unique blend of shea butter, baobab, cocoa, olive oils; naturally colored with red and white clays. (Re)Source is delicately scented with Ho Wood, patchouli and ylang-ylang essential oils. (Re)Source has been formulated for mature or very dry skins to restore their comfort and leave them smooth and replenished.






Roc’n Roll: this beauty soap is made of shea and mango butters, jojoba, avocado oils; sprinkled with rocou powder. Its spicy, energizing perfume comes from ginger, rosmarine and ylang-ylang essential oils. Roc’n Roll will soften, refresh and revive all skins but it has been specifically formulated for combination, dry skins.


You can find all products on Adduna Beauté website


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